Tuesday, April 27, 2010

happy birthday, beautiful.

i know, i know brooklyn already turned one in january. but this kid has earned the right to TWO birthday celebrations! april 28 was supposed to be her birthday - well according to the doctors. we all know God had other plans. so on this day every year, we will celebrate our beautiful daughter all over again.

not a day goes by that we are not grateful for this sweet little girl. she continues to amaze us on a daily basis. she makes us laugh over and over again throughout each and every day. she melts our hearts with her sweet little half smile, and big girl hugs. she wows us with new achievements every day. she makes it known that her crazy baby talk really does have a point! and her curiosity never ever ceases. brooklyn is and always has been one determined little girl. we learned that very early on - from day one actually. we firmly believe that b's determination was what kept her alive and able to do so well those 135 days in the NICU. now that determination has carried into brooklyn's daily life and she is well beyond where anyone would have guessed she would be at this point.

what is she doing?

1. ALMOST walking!!!
2. crawling everywhere
3. climbing our whole staircase all by herself
4. standing unassisted
5. saying mamma, dada, duck, and amen. among other things
6. drinking from a sippy cup
7. eating everything in sight. especially peanut butter ;)
8. clapping
10. turning the pages in her books
11. screeching with delight when she sees any animal (especially doggies)
12. gasping when she's excited

those are just a few of our favorites!

sean and i are having so much fun being b's parents. this has been by far the best year of our lives, and we are so excited for many more to come.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

brooklyn's best friend is ONE!

we had SO much fun at riley's birthday party! her mom's made incredible cupcakes and awesome party favors. the girls had so much fun... UNTIL it was time to sing. and well, you will see the progression...

oh well!

next year will be much more enjoyable for you, ry. we love you, and are so so happy you are here to grow up with. thanks for being such a great friend and thanks for letting me play with your birthday balloons.

b got a new hat

thanks beth!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


last year on easter, brooklyn was still growing in the NICU. we didn't get to see her that day until 3pm. it was a loooong day without our little girl. THIS YEAR things were different. we woke up and gave brooklyn her easter basket, ate breakfast together, and went to church - where our sweet little b was baptised. it was an incredible day. our entire congregation looked on as we dedicated little b to God. what a wonderful moment it was to stand before the church with my incredible husband, our beloved pastors, and family. i was so proud to be sean's wife and brooklyn's mother. i am blessed. it was a day i will never forget.

*erica, thank you for freezing such beautiful moments for us. you are truly talented, and i am so grateful to have these concrete memories.